Innovation in the Public Sector

Capacity Building Based on Agenda 2030

Participants’ projects

Our experience has demonstrated the immense value of integrating theoretical and practical knowledge through real-world applications. Recurring in our Public Sector Innovation Programmes is therefore that the participants get to work on their own change projects under the supervision of teachers/mentors. The projects are later presented at a conference at the end of the programme.

A woman presenting her group's change project

An alumna from NBS presenting her group’s change project at an impact conference in Lund. Photo: Johan Persson.

Co-design for Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Public Spaces and Services (CIPSS)

A central aspect of the CIPSS programme is that the participants are expected to generate change ideas within the programme’s scope, resulting in so called change projects. This is conceived as an evolving process, advancing step by step in alignment with different educational modules.

The change projects usually center on social innovations aimed at enhancing municipal services and public spaces, with a particular emphasis on fostering an inclusive public and digital environment.

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If you want to delve deeper, read our book that summarizes the last few years with the programme:
Urban Changemakers – Transforming Public Spaces and Services through Co-design (PDF – 27,4 MB, new tab)

Book cover of the book Urban Changemakers.

Innovation in Governance for Urban Nature-based Solutions (NBS)

One of the main goals of the NBS programme is for the participants to deepen their understanding and engagement in the governance of built infrastructure and systems related to natural resources. This is partially achieved by letting the participants engage in a real life local NBS implementation project at the end of the programme.

The projects consist of different suggestions of NBS implementation with various goals and outcomes, some of them being the restoration of ecosystems, maintaining biodiversity and ensuring the overall wellbeing of citizens.

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